LexisNexis 2019 Roadshow Report

Decoding Cybersecurity: Clause and Effect

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The legal industry is at the forefront of advances and changes in the cybersecurity arena - acting as a trusted advisor to businesses, but also grappling with these same changes from the perspective of its own cyber resilience. Legal professionals are uniquely positioned to identify the technological, legislative and organisational challenges that are pertinent now, and in the future.

Findings show that while the legal industry already has a good grasp on the issues and practices required to maintain secure digital systems, there is still some way to go. There must be an ongoing focus on the people, processes, and technologies of businesses in order to build and maintain good cyber resilience - and this can only be achieved through greater education and awareness-building at all levels of the organisation.

Decoding Cybersecurity: Clause and Effect examines the current landscape of cybersecurity and the law for the Australian legal, security and data privacy industries in 2019. It distils quantitative and qualitative data taken from a diverse range of Australian legal professionals on topics including Australia’s legislative environment, compliance for businesses, issues specific to the legal industry, as well as recommendations for best compliance and precautionary measures both now and in the future.

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