Lexis® Argument Analyser
Achieve deep case law research powered by artificial intelligence and trusted LexisNexis® content in minutes

How long does it take you to feel certain that your legal research is complete?

Astute legal professionals know how case law can change in real time. How often have you read a case knowing there’s a related case out there, but you can’t remember the details? When do you know that you have done enough legal research to move forward?

Lexis Argument Analyser uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance your case law research by swiftly unearthing deep insights in relation to your matter.

What if you could see deep case law research directly related to any matter in one intuitive dashboard?

Traditional legal research can involve a tremendous amount of hard work, often at short notice. Reviewing hundreds of documents, building a court bundle, responding to a brief, or sharing your findings with clients and colleagues can involve successive keyword searches and repetitive document downloads.

Lexis Argument Analyser combs through LexisNexis vast case law database for you and quickly retrieves relevant case recommendations, analyses of cited cases and legislation, and a map of the salient legal issues, simply based on a passage from any legal document.

These results are presented in one secure and dynamic dashboard, where you can cross-check risks and opportunities without relying solely on prior knowledge or experience. You may even have the opportunity to analyse your opposing counsel’s submission and be better prepared to mitigate risks.

With the peace of mind that you haven’t overlooked anything, you’re ready to craft a persuasive argument.

“I’m often concerned – as I think most barristers are – that I’ve left out an important case.”-- Barrister

Why use Lexis Argument Analyser?

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Reduce the guesswork

Pinpoint the legal issues and potential risks directly from the source document, so you know exactly where to begin.
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Your competitive edge

Discover insights into the legal issues and cases that are vital to your argument, or could dismantle your opponent’s case.
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Research seamlessly

Utilise the power of CaseBase® to check each cited case, right down to the paragraph, from one dashboard.

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Work faster

Less time spent interpreting legal issues and chasing authorities means you have more time to craft persuasive arguments.

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