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Competitive advantage with legal AI

How is AI transforming legal strategy and redefining the role of lawyers, and strategy of law firms and legal departments?


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Legal generative Al solution, with robust guardrails in place to ensure confidentiality, security and privacy of user interactions.


ANZ generative AI market survey report

560 lawyers and legal professionals share their sentiment on the understanding, usage and adoption of generative AI.


Responsible legal AI innovation

Discover how LLM's power legal Al, ensuring data security and accuracy of outputs while managing hallucinations, using approaches such as RAG.


Future of legal services with legal AI

Navigating the journey from the current state to a future where legal AI enhances efficiency, ensures a rewarding experience, and provides a solid return on investment.


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Examine opportunities and best practices, for working with AI. AI’s impact on the legal profession, trends and challenges of AI.


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Introducing Lexis+ AI, the most powerful legal AI solution with conversational search, drafting, summarisation, and document upload tools.

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Our people and core businesses are helping to advance the rule of law around the world. About 57% of the world’s population lives outside the shelter of the law. That’s five billion people struggling for basic, human rights on a daily basis. At LexisNexis we want to bring equality under the law, transparency of law, and greater access to the law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LexisNexis?

LexisNexis is an organisation that supplies legal, compliance and regulatory knowledge to law firms, government, businesses and universities. Our advanced legal solutions give customers the insights they need to make more informed decisions.

Whether you’re a university looking to lead the next generation of legal professionals, a law firm wanting to deliver the best client outcomes or a business wanting up-to-date legal and regulatory guidance, our vast range of legal tech in Australia gives your organisation the upper hand in understanding the rule of law.

What makes LexisNexis stand out as a provider of legal solutions and research materials?

LexisNexis has strived to combine primary law, analytics, regulatory information and legal technology to create a powerful and evolving source for customers. Our legal solutions are designed to do more than just automate tasks or provide regulatory information. They boost productivity, encourage collaboration and reduce costly mistakes, serving your business on a new level.

What are LexisNexis’s key product offerings?

Whether you’re a small or large firm, a large corporation or a government agency, you must have access to superior legal technology. LexisNexis has an extensive suite of legal solutions with key product offerings, including:

  • Lexis+ — The powerful and intuitive legal research platform that allows you be more strategic and deliver better client outcomes. Lexis+ is the AI-powered research assistant every successful lawyer needs.
  • Lexis+ AI — The fastest legal generative AI with conversational search, drafting summarisation, document analysis and linked legal citations that will transform your legal research & fuel your performance.
  • Affinity Connect — Affinity Connect is a cloud-based practice management solution for small law firms. Its seamless integration with Microsoft 365 gives your team the flexibility to work from anywhere.
  • Lexis Create — Build stronger documents for your clients and keep important clauses on hand with Lexis Create. Minimise mistakes and stop relying on out-of-date law with the Australian legal citation checker.
  • Lexis Advance — Elevate your research methods with Lexis Advance. The AI-driven plan English and intuitive search tool as well as the detailed Federal law search tool helps you find the details you need and gives you the space to manage your work securely.
  • Practical Guidance — Provides practically focused content and tools that Australian lawyers need to conduct new legal matters and stay ahead of legal change.  Our practical legal guidance solution helps you win cases, close deals and grow your business — all while saving time and reducing risk.
  • Regulatory Compliance — Be prepared for regulatory changes using the Regulatory Compliance tool. From regular compliance updates to being able to receive customised information, you’ll stay up to speed with your obligations.

Who does LexisNexis provide value for?

Our platform's diversity has allowed us to serve a wide range of customers worldwide, including:

  • Small law firms — LexisNexis can make a solid contribution toward growing your practice. With our digital tools, your team can have greater success in winning client cases, organising information more efficiently and accomplishing tasks faster.
  • Large law firms — Minimise risk and maximise productivity with our large firm legal technology. Close deals, create timely and accurate legal documents and experience the power of APIs that deliver relevant datasets from inside your firm.
  • Barristers — Build your strongest case yet with our barrister legal technology solutions. We provide access to relevant and reputable sources that can help grow your billings and drive the efficiencies that busy Barristers require.
  • Corporate in-house counsel — Have the power to advise your in-house clients with confidence, knowing you have access to the latest market changes. Our corporate solutions can also reduce your time on repetitive tasks, a plus for you and your clients.
  • Government professionals — Achieve the best outcomes for your community and earn their trust by tapping into our legal research tools. We provide all the insights you need to understand commercial and compliance issues.

How does AI transform legal research and workflows?

In the last few years, the legal industry has been under pressure to provide client centric high value services while keeping their costs low. With the need to improve the bottom-line increasing year on year it has become imperative to leverage legal technology as a process enabler across law firms.

AI can make the practice of law more efficient by automating routine tasks such as discovery, document review and legal research. Additionally, AI can support decision-making by surfacing data-driven insights and recommendations in a fraction of the time it would take via traditional methods of research.

Using AI can save time and costs, while also freeing up legal practitioners to focus on higher-level and more strategic tasks where they can add real value to the client. This allows firms to remain competitive while providing superior service to their clients.

What skills are required to use AI effectively?

To use AI effectively, lawyers will require the following skills and competencies:

  • Critical thinking – The ability to design effective prompts and evaluate and critique AI-generated outputs thoughtfully.
  • Creativity – Proposing innovative ideas that go beyond what AI can generate.
  • Focus on the human element – Doubling down on skills AI lacks such as creativity, critical thinking, innovation, leadership, social/emotional intelligence.
  • Basic technical literacy – Knowing how AI works, the strengths and weaknesses of AI and the use cases of different AI solutions.
  • Complementary technical skills – The ability to build, implement and work alongside AI systems.

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