LexisNexis 2019 Legal Industry Survey Report

Decoding Cybersecurity: Clause and Effect

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With the introduction of the GDPR, the National Data Breaches scheme and various other data privacy legislation, cybersecurity and data protection are growing areas which all sectors of society must be aware of – the legal sector being no exception.

We conducted a national industry survey to examine the response and behaviours of Australian legal practitioners towards cybersecurity including how they have responded to increased legislative materials, preparedness for a data breach and where they believe the future of cybersecurity and the law will go.

Survey findings showed that while many legal professionals are aware of the new legislative materials and understand the importance of maintaining proper cybersecurity safeguards, many in the industry still do not actually do so in their practice.  Findings also showed that those in the industry believe that this will be a rapidly-expanding practice area for practitioners and law firms in general with over half the profession indicating an estimated rise in billings by over 5%.

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