In the zone: Is technology helping or hindering lawyers’ decision making?

Frank McKenna

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In the zone: Is technology helping or hindering lawyers' decision making?

A lawyer's success could be said to rest on a bedrock of good decisions. Equally, a successful law firm is one that is adept at good decision making across all facets of its business, whether it is picking the right argument for a matter, selecting the right law to support an argument, choosing the correct precedent, recruiting a good team, providing clients with information which is useful, ensuring your client base is made up of profitable clients, or accepting profitable matters to work on.

When examining these facets, three essential decision making areas standout:

  •  The law;
  • The lawyer's workload, that is, the matters that they are working across;
  • The firm's clients

Today, it is universally agreed that our world is becoming more complex, more dynamic and more demanding . Technology, as we are frequently told, provides the key to navigating this complexity and dynamism by giving us better tools to make better decisions . The technology of the Twenty-first century has given us innumerable buzzwords and technical wonders, engendering the birth of the internet, email, mobile computing, mobile applications, social media, instant messaging, online search, applications "in the cloud", push/pull communication, mashups, spatially aware computing, and big data. Instant data, instant communications, anytime, anywhere – the potential seems limitless.

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