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In this insightful video, we talk to four new barristers as they get on their feet in front of silks and judges. What will their life be like behind the courtroom door?

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Start your research with cases and essential legislation and then power up your legal arguments with respected commentary written by leading legal minds.

  • CaseBase® Case Citator, containing over 700,000 cases.
  • LawNow PlusTM Legislation Citator.
  • Halsbury's Laws of Australia
  • Unreported Judgments, containing over 330,000 cases.
  • Civil Procedure references from all Australian states and territories.

Lexis Red® gives you effortless control over your eBooks and looseleaf subscription services from the convenience of your iPad, laptop or desktop, without wifi.

And if you love to keep your book shelf looking good, shop at the LexisNexis eStore for Black and Silver titles, Annotated Collections and specialised topic books.

Lexis Draft® is a convenient document drafting solution that enables you to create accurate, clear and error-free documents for your clients. Without leaving Microsoft® Word, you can review citations and access your research within Lexis Advance® using a convenient toolbar, checking for inconsistencies and identifying areas of concern.

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Articles and whitepapers covering some of today’s hottest topics affecting barristers, the judiciary and the legal profession.

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