State and Local Government

Uphold the rule of law and deliver the best possible
outcomes for your community

Every day, you bring your personal best to serve your community, earn their trust and improve the administration of justice. LexisNexis® legal research and analytics solutions for government professionals help uphold the rule of law and deliver the best possible outcomes. Maintain your confidence, improve your efficiency and find value from reliable and timely legal content, news and information to inform your decisions, motions and actions.

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Trustworthy Research

Maintain confidence through trusted access to exclusive, authoritative content that is reliable, accurate, timely and relevant to your jurisdiction.

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Reduce & Manage Risk

Using alerts and an easy-to-navigate interface that will help you manage risk for your government agency or organisation as well as to your community.

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Maximise Value

Don’t have time to conduct legal research? Learn how to save time and bring your legal research back in-house.

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Targeted Training

Implement research solutions quickly: simplified onboarding, one-on-one and group training, virtual classes and online tutorials to get you up‑to‑speed, fast.

Transform your legal research and workflows

Access conversational search, drafting, summarisation, document analysis, and linked hallucination-free legal citations so you can transform your legal work with increased efficiency and accuracy.


Explore our solutions

Research solutions quickly: simplified onboarding, one-on-one and group training, virtual classes and online tutorials get you up‑to‑speed, fast.

Stay current

Stay informed on developments taking place in the industry and the areas of practice most relevant to you.

Insights and Analysis

Articles and whitepapers keeping you up to date with current topics that impact your practice area of interest.

Navigating the next wave – making your enterprise AI ready

The use cases for Generative AI are almost endless, and have the potential to reshape everything from research to client interactions - the only question lawyers and firms need to ask themselves is, “are we ready for this?”


Harnessing the power of AI

This whitepaper will examine the opportunities and best practices for working with AI in the legal profession, AI’s impact on the legal profession in the longer term and the trends and challenges of AI.


Search Terms with Lexis+ and Lexis Advance

With the rise of generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT, knowing that your legal information search is reliable and accurate is key, irrespective of whether you are using a conversational assistant as a means of retrieving that information or not.


Tech Tale: The opportunities and risks of AI technology adoption

Apprehension about embracing AI stems in part from our fear of blind spots. Perhaps for all our careful planning and risk analysis, something crucial could be overlooked, and the business finds itself in hot water.


Advancing the rule of law through collaborative partnerships and innovation

Reflecting on our work over the past decade in this space, our efforts and projects have been driven by our people, from the ground up, grown from ideas, connections and opportunities into projects that leverage our skills and resources to strengthen the rule of law.


Access a collection of articles

A collection of curated articles covering multiple areas of interest.


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