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Author Opportunities

LexisNexis is Australia’s leading provider of legal research services and technology. The LexisNexis research experience draws from hundreds of individual titles, ranging from established standard reference works such as Halsbury’s Laws of Australia to our cutting-edge series of Practical Guidance modules.

LexisNexis seeks to engage authors who are acknowledged experts in their fields, chosen for their commitment to advancing the law by sharing their insight and analysis. Opportunities are available to become a member of the dedicated author teams working on the profession’s most trusted publications and research modules.

LexisNexis is proud to work with authors from many stages of the legal profession, from the next generation of upcoming experts to those at the peak of their careers at the Bar or Bench.

If you have expertise to offer and a passion for communicating about the law, you can grow your reputation as an expert by contributing to well-known and respected titles, or shape the way the law develops by shining a spotlight on an emerging practice area with a new work.

To find out more about the different types of content we carry, please have a look at the below.

Practical Guidance

LexisNexis Practical Guidance takes an innovative approach to legal tools and resources, structuring specialist practitioner insight to match the workflow of each practice area.

With coverage across 24 practice areas, we ensure our content reflects the latest developments in law and practice through our in-house team of experienced legal writers and through commissioning leading experts to review or write specialist guidance and other materials.

See a full list of practice area modules here.

Grow your reputation as an expert and contribute to the next generation of lawyers by developing clear guidance and practical tips across a range of topics and jurisdictions.

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Practical Guidance

Analytical Works

Also known in their hardcopy format as looseleaf services, these titles are designed to enhance a practitioner’s research with a unique selection of legislation, authored commentary and other materials relevant to practice.

Our classic ‘annotated legislation’ format reproduces the full text of a statute with paragraphs of analysis written by our authors under individual provisions. We also offer topical works following a traditional chapter-by-chapter format. All analytical works are updated regularly to keep pace with developments in legislation and case law.

LexisNexis publishes over 100 analytical works covering all major practice areas, and over decades of continuous publication many have become established as the leading text in their field and are considered essential for practice, such as Ritchie’s Uniform Civil Procedure New South Wales.

Analytical Works

Reference Works

LexisNexis publishes two encyclopaedias for Australian lawyers:

Halsbury's Laws of Australia is the country's leading legal encyclopaedia with over 80 titles covering the law in every Australian jurisdiction. Authoritatively written and rigorously edited, this publication is routinely cited by superior courts and acknowledged by the profession as the first port of call for legal research.

The Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents is a renowned resource containing comprehensive sets of authored precedents, forms and supporting commentary for over 100 non-litigious legal areas.

Precedents are also accompanied by introductory notes providing context and advice, explaining when, why and how practitioners should use a particular precedent.

Reference Works


Our newsletters release regular issues throughout the year to help practitioners stay on top of the latest developments in their practice area. Articles are succinct and practical, allowing readers to get up to speed with relevant legal developments and understand what they mean for their own practice.

The General Editor of each newsletter oversees article selection and is supported by an editorial panel who have first access to available slots for articles in each issue.

Having an article published in a LexisNexis newsletter is a strong step towards recognition as an expert in your field and will promote you as a published thought leader to our subscriber base of fellow practitioners.

Our list of newsletters are set out below. If you are interested in contributing to any of them please get in touch.

* Australian Alternative Dispute Resolution Bulletin
* Australian Civil Liability
* Australian Environment Review
* Australian Insurance Law Bulletin
* Australian Property Law Bulletin
* Australian Tax Law Bulletin
* Competition and Consumer Law News
* Financial Services Newsletter
* Inhouse Counsel
* Internet Law Bulletin
* Native Title News
* Retirement and Estate Planning
* Australian Banking and Finance Law Bulletin
* Australian Construction Law Bulletin
* Australian Health Law Bulletin
* Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin
* Australian Superannuation Law Bulletin
* Butterworths Corporation Law Bulletin
* Employment Law Bulletin
* Immigration Review
* Insolvency Law Bulletin
* Local Government Reporter
* Privacy Law Bulletin
* Risk Management Today
* Sports Law Bulletin



LexisNexis publishes the most esteemed legal journals in Australia.

Let our eminent authors keep you up to date with emerging issues and theoretical developments, topical debates and practical applications in both Australian and international law.

Please see our dedicated journals submissions page below for our full list of Journals and submissions opportunities and requirements.

LexisNexis Journals



Practitioner Works

The law is dynamic and the needs of the legal profession are always evolving. At LexisNexis we know that we must not only cater for the profession today but innovate to meet the demands of tomorrow. That’s why we continue to search for tomorrow’s thought leaders and seek to provide texts that keep pace with a practitioner’s evolving practice.

Academic Works

LexisNexis has a proud tradition of publishing quality legal textbooks to suit the needs of students studying law and commerce in Australia. Our aim is to cover a wide range of subjects across legal and business areas while catering to a variety of teaching styles.

We believe there is always scope for new ideas for academia and practice publications, including fresh approaches to treating some traditional subject matter. If you have a manuscript or an idea for a publishing project, our Commissioning Editors are interested in hearing from you.

Our highly innovative commissioning and development team has a wealth of experience in academic publishing.

To help you prepare your proposal, please complete our LexisNexis Author Questionnaire and attach it with the form below.


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