Making sense of Big Data: A behind the scenes look at Legal Search Technology

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Legal professionals operate in an increasingly competitive industry and are under constant pressure to meet their clients' needs, gain competitive edge and increase their efficiency.

In order to do this, they must have access to the most current and trusted legal research content through a comprehensive search platform, empowering them to get to the answers they need faster than ever before..

There is a significant focus within the legal industry on increasing productivity and delivering legal services more efficiently and there is no doubt that advanced research platform using cutting-edge technology play an integral part in this – but how exactly do they work?

This whitepaper goes behind the scenes of the advanced technology platforms to discover some of the strategies they use to determine the most relevant content for the search terms entered. We will discuss Big Data's role in the legal world today and how technology tries to make sense of this data, links relevant documents together, and deliver the accurate answers legal professionals require.

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