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Website & Product Terms & Conditions


Effective from 21 June 2023, Reed International Books Australia Pty Limited ABN 70 001 002 357 changed its name to RELX Trading Australia Pty Limited.

We are in the process of updating our agreements to reflect this change. In the meantime, all references to ‘Reed International Books Australia Pty Limited’ in each of the agreements below are to be treated as references to the same entity, now named ‘RELX Trading Australia Pty Limited’ ABN 70 001 002 357.

DocumentLast UpdatedEffective Date
General Terms and Conditions (Global Platform) May 2024 Current

Prior Versions:
February 2024 
October 2023
June 2023 
eSubscription Terms and Conditions December 2022 Current
Terms of Trade October 2023 Current

Prior Versions:
June 2023
Regulatory Compliance General Terms and Conditions October 2023 Current
Affinity Connect Terms and Conditions March 2022 Current
Affinity Precedents Package Terms and Conditions October 2020 Current
LexisNexis Australia Privacy Policy September 2022 Current
Website Terms of Use August 2016 Current
Excluded Packages May 2020 Current
LexisNexis LMS/LMCS/CPD/eLearn Terms and Conditions June 2020 Current
LexisNexis NFT Terms and Conditions - Practical Guidance on Non Fungible Tokens v1 March 2023 Current

Promotion Terms & Conditions

DescriptionStart DateClosing Date
eStore EOFY 2024 Sale 31 May 2024 11 July 2024
Complimentary Regulatory Compliance Register and Alerts: Whistleblowing 29 April 2024 31 December 2025
Regulatory Compliance Survey July 2024 23 July 2024 13 August 2024