Save time with powerful AI tools and add more value to your clients in less time with the new, secure generative AI solution from LexisNexis®


Transform Your Legal Work

Fast and accurate legal generative AI is now ready for preview in Australia.

Get conversational search, drafting, summarisation, document analysis, and linked hallucination-free legal citations so you can transform your legal work with increased efficiency and accuracy.


AI Search that Interacts

Conversational Search

Collaborate with Lexis+ AI like you would with a trusted colleague who intelligently and conversationally responds to your requests and refines answers.

Start Searching

AI that Drafts

Draft in Moments

Draft contract clauses, and concise client communications, all grounded in authoritative content with remarkable speed, ease, and precision.

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AI that Summarises

Accurate & Complete Summarisation

Get the legal summary you need in seconds without clicking into a single search result.

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AI that Analyses

Upload Your Documents

Extract and summarise key insights from firm documents in moments.

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Introducing Lexis +AI Australia, the most powerful legal AI solution with conversational search, drafting, summarisation and document upload tools that will transform your legal research and workflow.

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News & Insights

Sharing expert perspectives and updates

Future of legal services with legal AI

Navigating the journey from the current state to a future where legal AI enhances efficiency, ensures a rewarding experience, and provides a solid return on investment.


Harnessing the power of AI in the legal profession

Examine opportunities and best practices, for working with AI. AI’s impact on the legal profession, trends and challenges of AI.


Making your enterprise AI-ready

The use cases for Generative AI are almost endless, and have the potential to reshape everything from research to client interactions. Are we ready for this?


Responsibly developed with expert human oversight

Not only have we advanced legal AI, but we have integrated security and safety by design into our core framework to ensure that every interaction is backed by state-of-the-art security.

At LexisNexis and across RELX, we’re committed to making a positive impact on the world through our solutions. As we develop leading AI tools and analytics, we are removing unfair bias, we are accountable and can explain how our solutions work through human oversight, we respect privacy, and we champion robust data governance.


Register for Lexis+ AI Preview Webinars

Explore Lexis+ AI, the generative AI solution that's set to reshape the way legal practitioners work across firms, in-house corporate and government teams. Based on global experience, Lexis+ AI is anticipated to save Australian lawyers an average of 11 hours a week across research, drafting, client communications, and case summarisation activity.

Learn first hand how you can:

  • Draft Documents Faster : Instantly produce contract clauses and correspondence, from a simple user prompt.
  • Conversationally Search : Collaborate with Lexis+ AI like a trusted colleague who intelligently and conversationally responds to your requests and refines answers.
  • Summarise : Analyse and summarise cases with hallucination-free, verifiable citations.
  • Analyse Documents : Upload your documents to extract and summarise key insights in moments.
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