Enabling Technology in a Small Law Office


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Enabling Technology in a Small Law Office

How many times a day, as a Partner or Sole Practitioner, do you wish for less IT hassles, lower costs for equipment maintenance or enhanced productivity through the use of technology? However, you didn't get past the point of thinking about it.

It is a common notion that investing in technology will detract from your personal wealth. It might surprise you, however, that the opposite is true. Smart use of technology can actually generate more profit!

So why is it particularly difficult to get past the thinking to embrace and enable technology solutions for a small law practice? First, let's acknowledge the reality:

  • You have less money to spend on it compared to larger law firms.
  • You have even less time and resources to assess technology solutions.
  • It is a specialist area you have little or no expertise or interest in.
  • There are far too many complex choices.

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