LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance®

Providing simple solutions to help solve complex risk and compliance problems.

The clear path to compliance

LexisNexis® Regulatory Compliance is a comprehensive risk and compliance management solution, consisting of compliance registers, alerts, and information-driven tools.

With a foundation built upon a wealth of LexisNexis content expertise, LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance simplifies the complex regulatory landscape for Governance, Risk, and Compliance professionals in many industries.

LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance will help enable your business to adhere to regulatory and legislative standards.

Gain more confidence in your regulatory compliance efforts with the LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance solution today.

Access Our Free Compliance Registers

Learn more about our free compliance registers that can help you identify your business’s specific compliance and legislative needs.

Stay on the ball

Content is updated regularly, so you can access obligations which reflect the current legislative framework

Obligations you'll understand

Experts explain your legal responsibilities in easy-to-apply business language.

Choose your content

Core and specialist modules matched to your industry and location.

Be prepared for everything

Receive alerts when regulatory changes approach.

Streamline compliance management

Checklists. Decision trees. Policy templates. All the tools you need to manage, monitor and demonstrate your compliance.

Turn words into actions

Plain language and practical directions for crystal clear guidance on control actions.




View our collection of short LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance videos to learn more about how our solution can assist your compliance efforts.

Award-winning solution

LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance is the proud winner of the “Overall RegTech Solution of the Year” in the 2021 LegalTech Breakthrough Awards.

Flexible technology options

We understand that the path to compliance is different for every business, which is why we created a solution that can be tailored to meet your individual requirements. LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance® offers flexible technology options to suit any way of working.

Why LexisNexis

With operations spanning over 100 countries, we are one of the world's most authoritative legal and regulatory compliance service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LexisNexis support compliance management?

LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance products are designed with Governance, Risk and Compliance professionals in mind. We underst andthat while compliance is deeply intertwined with the law, often the people tasked with ensuring it are not legal professionals. We ensure that our information is clear, and makes sense in the context of business — so you know what you need to do fast, and don’t have to spendtime translating.

By drawing on the knowledge of some of the foremost legal experts in each compliance area, and presenting their interpretations in clear, actionable language that makes sense, we help you find clarity on your path to compliance.

What industries can Regulatory Compliance® service?

LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance® is designed to cater to a wide array of global industries, offering customised solutions for each sector. Industries that Regulatory Compliance is suitable for include:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Transport and Logistics
How do you remain on top of all the content, given that regulations are updated all the time?

We have a broad network of content specialists and legal experts who stay across the regulatory changes within their areas of specialisation. When things change, they will break down what the changes are and what they mean (or could mean) for businesses. We then send these updates out as alerts to ensure you’re always aware of changes ahead of time.

What kind of training support is available?

Our team of Relationship Managers and Product Specialists will outline the registers in full detail and can provide you with video tutorials, indepth case studies, and whitepapers. They are with you every step of the way.

Do you offer trial compliance registers?

We currently have a collection of free registers consisting of:

  • Modern Slavery Register
  • Electronic Transactions Register
  • International Biosecurity Register

If you would like to learn more about our free registers, please contact us by submitting your details on this website.

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