Complimentary whitepaper: How Australia’s unique conditions affect our ability to innovate

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While innovation is often driven by market forces, the fabric of a country is equally - if not more - important in generating new ideas and bringing them to fruition. Within Australia, we have a unique combination of cultural, geographic, regulatory and economic factors that both drive, and hold back, innovation. In October 2020, the Governance Institute of Australia and LexisNexis hosted a roundtable to truly get under the skin of innovation in Australia. Featuring 11 of the country’s foremost thought leaders and innovation experts, the conversation traversed the full landscape of the Australian experience and what innovation means in the sunburnt country.

This whitepaper is a summation of the key ideas and recommendations that were discussed. They have been categorised into four areas that have significant impact on Australian innovation: Culture, Geography, Regulation and Business. These areas will continue to shape our innovation agenda in the future, and it is only through honest exploration of them that we can recognise our success and identify areas of improvement.


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