ACCC Essentials - Understanding the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's 2016 Compliance and Enforcement Priorities

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It is vitally important for all Australian businesses to have a thorough understanding of the way in which the ACCC prioritises its enforcement activities, given the highly interventionist and aggressive approach which the ACCC takes to both competition law and consumer protection matters. Indeed, the ACCC is arguably one of the most active and aggressive enforcers of competition law in the world.

It is also important to recognise the strong reputation that the ACCC has among consumers as an active and effective regulator. One of the implications of the ACCC's strong reputation is that any business pursued by the ACCC is usually judged very harshly by the Australian public, the media and their customers. As a result, businesses that become the subject of an ACCC investigation or legal proceedings brought by the ACCC often suffer significant and long-lasting reputational and brand damage.

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