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Be the first to know about the big decisions that can affect your business. LexisNexis® Capital Monitor™ delivers the latest in parliamentary, legislative, judicial and regulatory news, sent as it happens and delivered in a format that works for you.

A single, simple subscription to Capital Monitor opens a wealth of timely content, coverage, and knowledge to keep you ahead of the vital developments that matter – to you and your organisation. From legislative and regulatory changes on the national stage to bill monitoring at a state level, you'll get a single, tailored digest with all the facts that matter to you and no loose interpretations.


Make the nation's decisions
work for you

Here's how Capital Monitor can help you stay on the front foot.

Lobby smart

Understand the history of any given topic, the key stakeholders and their position over time to help build your strategy. Then use our Ministerial Database to connect.

Leverage your advantage

Monitor discussions on infrastructure and consulting opportunities, then leverage your advantage by being ready for the tender upon release.

Change your brief at any time

Policy is fluid and politics is dynamic. Which is why you'll always have the freedom to change your terms of reference at any time.

Build your brand

Use real time alerts to show your worth, prove your expertise and answer the needs of your client's business.

Bypassing the Gatekeepers

Technology is fragmenting traditional media. What does this mean for the post-Trump and Brexit world?

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