Striking a balance between compliance and an effective social media presence

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Can it be done, is the question. Establishing an effective social media presence is now such a crucial aspect of doing business in Australia. For those in the technology, media and communications industries, it is almost a given that your presence online is cutting edge, pushing the boundaries and engaging customers and stakeholders alike. But how do you live at the social media coal-face constantly striving to innovate and promote your brand whilst also trying to comply with a myriad of Australian laws which may be holding you back?

How do you manage privacy risks as your customers become more savvy about how their personal information is used? The Privacy Commissioner has social media activities in his sight and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) has evolved at least in part to deal with personal information obligations online. How do you effectively promote goods and services online using social media when the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is increasingly monitoring online conduct? What about intellectual property rights? The internet can often be seen as a free-for-all, with users paying scant regard to the ownership rights of intellectual property owners. Australian content users are particularly good at downloading movies and television shows from the internet but forgetting to pay for them. These are all questions and challenges facing many Australian businesses. The challenge is particularly acute for the technology sector as they are expected to lead from the front and in some ways face a stricter review process when it comes to their presence online

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