Navigating the next wave – making your enterprise AI ready

30 January 2024 06:07

2024 is set to be the year that many organisations move from a posture of listen and learn, to one of action. Despite narrow AI having been a mainstay in our lives for many years already, the incredible promise of Generative AI captured the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Suddenly, AI went from being synonymous with engineering and algorithms, to something synonymous with communication, creativity, and a new approach to the way we conduct business.

The legal industry (like all industries) now sits on the cusp of a transformative technological revolution; one that will change the way lawyers and law firms operate forever. And while there’s no doubt that tech-forward lawyers still maintain a healthy dose of scepticism, having seen the tech hype cycle rise and fall in the past, this time is different. The use cases for Generative AI are almost endless, and have the potential to reshape everything from research to client interactions - the only question lawyers and firms need to ask themselves is, “are we ready for this?”

Our recent webinar outlined the practical measures lawyers and firms need to prepare to get future-ready. Are you ready for the next wave?