Practical Guidance Engagement

“This has really demonstrated the value of our Practical Guidance subscription to lawyers – this specialised type of training on specific issues really shows how Practical Guidance can be used”. (Large Law Knowledge Manager)

Engagement Manager

Your Practical Guidance Engagement Manager will work with you to identify gaps and opportunities within your current subscription or trial. With a focus on increasing awareness of practical content, your Engagement Manager will assist lawyers to work more efficiently through the incorporation of Practical Guidance resources into their day-to-day workflow. Your Engagement Manager can drive adoption of your current or new subscription to ensure maximum value – this is done through a combination of assessment of needs, training, liaising between key stakeholders and Practical Guidance writers, and providing additional support as required.

Meet the Team

Miriam Giles Finucane
Miriam works closely with our clients to help them utilise practical resources efficiently and provide tailored support. Prior to joining LexisNexis, Miriam worked as a solicitor for over 4 years, primarily with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions where she organised and oversaw numerous complex matters within the criminal justice process.
Nicole Mulvanah
Nicole graduated from Australian Catholic University and has been working at LexisNexis since 2016. She is passionate about enhancing the rule of law through the dissemination of knowledge and access to resources. Nicole enjoys partnering with clients to solve problems and create value.

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