Practice Areas

  • Administrative Law

    LexisNexis carries a selection of leading Administrative Law publications including Australian Administrative Law, the Administrative Law Bulletin, Australian Journal of Human Rights and Administrative Law decisions.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Australian Commercial Arbitration is a complete guide to the uniform Commercial Arbitration Acts, featuring detailed annotations and regularly updated analysis of the latest case law, both domestic and international. Subscribers are guided through the relevant legal principles, procedures and practical issues, through the expert lens of a team of eminent authorities on commercial arbitration. Comparative tables are used to help practitioners from any Australian jurisdiction fit their matter into the broader legal framework, providing clarity and expert direction on how to secure the best outcome for their client. Australian Commercial Arbitration is the ideal research companion to give lawyers the edge when navigating the field of commercial arbitration.

  • ASX

    LexisNexis is the authorised publisher of the Print editons of the nine ASX rulebooks. Online versions are available,  and the ASX Listing Rules are also available on RED. Historical versions of all rulebooks, giving point in time information, are available online. The ASX Listing Rules - Waivers publishers monthly and is linked to the LexisNexis title Annotations to the ASX Listing Rules -table which shows waiver by chapter of the Rules.

  • Banking and Finance

    LexisNexis offers a range of banking and finance law and related publications, including financial services, superannuation law, personal property securities, foreign investment regulation, anti-money laundering and financial risk.

  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency

    Bankruptcy Law and Practice is LexisNexis' 'go to' publication for Bankruptcy Law offering a quick, practical reference guide with subject based commentary and relevant legislation. The Insolvency Law Bulletin is a monthly letter and is an essential resource for the latest bankruptcy and insolvency developments.

  • Building and Construction

    LexisNexis' building and construction law portfolio provides a comprehensive collection of resources covering federal and state jurisdictions. Subscribers can access detailed commentary on the Building Code of Australia, a complete collection of contracts designed to provide protection to both parties contracting in the building and construction industry, and articles covering latest developments on both a national and international level.

  • Business

    LexisNexis provides unparalleled coverage of business law in all jurisdictions from the broad fundamentals of establishing a business and managing commercial disputes to the specific requirements of franchising in Australia and internationally. Our products provide the topical commentary, annotated legislation and practical guidance practitioners need to succeed in this area of practice.

  • Civil Liability & Torts

    LexisNexis' personal injury portfolio provides extensive coverage through topical commentary or annotated legislation. Several of these publications also include supporting materials to assist in a more practical manner. LexisNexis also produces the Australian Civil Liability newsletter which provides articles on interesting and important areas within personal injury law.

  • Civil Procedure

    LexisNexis offers a dedicated civil procedure title for eight Australian jurisdictions, with each including annotated civil procedure rules and covering procedure in all courts. From Ritchie’s in New South Wales to Western Australia’s ‘Red Book’, our civil procedure titles have been providing practitioners with authoritative analysis of the rules of court for over 30 years.

  • Competition and Consumer

    LexisNexis offers leading publications in the Competition and Consumer field including extensive annotations to the Australian Consumer Law and regulations, as well as topical commentary on the national consumer credit regime. The Competition and Consumer Law Newsletter is also released monthly and contains valuable insights into the latest updates in the area, edited by Principal Lawyer for the ACCC Adrian Coorey.

  • Contract

    Cheshire & Fifoot provides authoritative and comprehensive coverage of important areas of contract law. With a focus on Australian appeal court decisions, it is written to meet the needs of practitioners, providing a clear, comprehensive and current account of the law. Following the life cycle of a contract, Cheshire & Fifoot enables readers to approach any contract problem systematically, and identify the relevant legal issues and law.

  • Corporations

    Authored by Practice Area specialists and well-known experts, LexisNexis’s corporations law portfolio provides sophisticated and diverse analysis of the Corporations Act and ASIC Act. Not only does the portfolio have products which offers section-by-section annotations that follows the exact structure of the Corporations Act, it also has products which provide subject-based analysis of the entirety of the Acts, relevant case laws, the history of law and comparative analysis of overseas statutes. There are also more topical and concise publications contained in the portfolio which comment on Takeover and Reconstructions of companies and Corporation Finance Law. The comprehensive portfolio caters all needs of Corporations law practitioners.

  • Costs

    LexisNexis carries a selection of costs publications including Costs NSW (including ACT), Costs Victoria and Costs South Australia. Each publication contains detailed commentary on the practice and procedure of costs law in their jurisdictions.

  • Criminal

    LexisNexis offers an extensive range of publications covering Criminal law across several jurisdictions.

  • Employment

    LexisNexis offers an extensive coverage of federal and state employment law across our publications. Authored by leading experts in the field, these analytical works include commentary and analysis on  employment, industrial and occupational health and safety law. The flagship title Workplace Law Fair Work contains extensive annotations to the Fair Work Act as well as commentary on workplace discrimination, paid parental leave, termination of employment and much more.

  • Energy and Resources

    LexisNexis offers an extensive collection of energy & resources related publications including mining law and clean energy.

  • Environment and Planning

    LexisNexis offers a range of planning & environment publications, also covering gaming and liquour laws.

  • Estate Planning & Succession

    Each LexisNexis succession title provides complete coverage of the law of wills, probate and administration of estates for its jurisdiction. Annotated legislation is accompanied by topical guidance and authored precedents in our authoritative companions for succession practitioners.

  • Evidence

    LexisNexis offers an extensive range of publications covering evidence law. Cross on Evidence covers all jurisdictions, provides authoritative commentary on key areas of evidence law and also provides relevant legislation. Other publications within evidene law are comprised of topical commentary or easily accessible annotated legislation.

  • Family

    The LexisNexis family law portfolio provides complete coverage of family law in Australia across federal and state jurisdictions. Annotated legislation, detailed commentary and a comprehensive collection of precedents are authored by highly regarded experts in Australian family law.

  • First Nations Law

    The LexisNexis First Nations law portfolio offers informed discussions and insights about the topical conversations and latest developments affecting First Nations people. Our expert authors write both content based on the Australian jurisdiction and materials that cover an international perspective as well.

  • Health

    The Australian Health Law Bulletin provides up-to-date news, information and analysis on the rapidly changing health care industry.

  • Immigration

    The LexisNexis immigration portfolio is headlined by Australian Immigration Law, which provides detailed commentary on all aspects of immigration law and is authored by a team of experts led by General Editor Peter Papadopoulos.  Specifically written for lawyers and migration agents, there is also the option to include the Procedures Advice Manual (PAMs) in order to constitute a MARA approved professional library for migration agents.  The Immigration Review is a quarterly bulletin and an essential resource for the latest immigration law developments.

  • Insurance

    A range of insurance law and related publications are offered by LexisNexis, including key annotated legislation in Australian Insurance Law (Annotated) and comprehensive analysis of the principles of insurance law by esteemed authors David Kelly OAM and Justice Michael Ball.  The latest insurance cases and legislation are also considered by the Australian Insurance Law Bulletin, while Risk Mangement Today provides pertinent articles on risk management and strategy.

  • Intellectual Property

    LexisNexis' intellectual property portfolio is extremely extensive, offering detailed commentary on copyright, designs, patents, trademarks, plant breeders' rights, confidential information and unfair competition together with all relevant legislation, international conventions and supporting materials as well as a dedicated IP precedent publication and a regular IP newsletter containing articles that cover the latest cases and legal developments.

  • Legal Profession

    Solicitors Manual NSW covers the regulation of professional legal practice through legislation, quasi-legislation and case law, including “Best practice” guidelines, continuing legal education, relationships of practitioners with other parties including clients, the court and their colleagues and promotion of ethical behaviour. This publication is updated regularly by the author Gino Dal Pont, who is a well known and respected expert in the area of legal profession.

  • Media, IT and Communications

    LexisNexis provides a selection of leading publications in this diverse portfolio including Australian Defamation Law & Practice, Communications Law & Policy and Privacy, Confidentiality and Data Security which all provide detailed commentary of relevant Commonwealth, State and Territory laws as well as legislation and supporting materials. The regular issues of the Internet and Privacy newsletters contain articles that cover topical developments in this dynamic portfolio.

  • Motor and Traffic

    For practitioners in New South Wales and Victoria, LexisNexis offers an essential guide to motor and traffic law. Navigating the intersecting areas of criminal law, personal injury and compensation claims, our titles equip subscribers with expert analysis of everything from statutory compensation frameworks to road rules.

  • Product Liability

    Product Liability Australia is LexisNexis' one-sto-shop for product liability, gathering all the essential information into one comprehensive publication consisting of detailed commentary, updated by a team at Clayton Utz, as well as relevant Commonwealth, State and Territory laws, directives and Policy material.

  • Property

    LexisNexis offers a range of publications covering various aspects of property law in all Australian jurisdictions. A particular focus is on tenancy law, with Australian Tenancy Law and Practice and Retail Leases Victoria covering this topic comprehensively. Conveyancing practitioners in NSW can also find Conveyancing Service NSW, which provides useful annotations to the relevant legislation in that jurisdiction. Topical and up to date articles on all aspects of property law are also provided by Australian Property Law Journal, which ensures that practitioners are fully informed of developments and recent cases in property law in Australia.

  • Sports

    The LexisNexis sports law portfolio offers informed discussions and insights about the topical conversations and latest developments affecting the practice area. Our expert authors write both content based on the Australian jurisdiction and materials that cover an international perspective as well.

  • Tax

    LexisNexis provides practitioners with a comprehensive publication covering Stamp Duties in all States entitled Australian Stamp Duties Law. This publication is arranged by topic area, allowing a full view across jurisdictions to be gained.  Up to date case notes and other recent events are reported on in Australian Tax Law Bulletin, ensuring that tax practitioners can stay up to date with the law in this area.