Practical Guidance Criminal

Practical Guidance Criminal

Practical Guidance Criminal is a how-to resource for criminal law practitioners in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.

Use Practical Guidance Criminal to guide you through the procedural aspects of criminal law matters from time of arrest through to bail, trial, sentencing, appeals and costs. With practice tips to help you navigate police procedures, trial process and courtroom etiquette, you can concentrate on ensuring the best outcome for your client.

Authored by a range of experienced criminal practitioners, using the Practical Guidance Criminal module is like having a criminal law expert at your fingertips.

  • Work-flow oriented guidance supported by on-point cases, legislation, checklists, forms, precedents and links to trusted LexisNexis deeper research materials
  • Criminal Frequent Tasks Tool – common tasks in criminal law matters tabulated with applicable guidance, forms and checklists for easy retrieval
  • Flowcharts – quick and visual reference tools to aid with decision-making and next steps in criminal procedures
  • Handy links to court lists, police codes of practice, police prosecution contact lists, and information on how to apply for legal aid, all in the one place
  • Latest Legal Updates – stay across changes to practice, key cases, legislative reforms, and regulatory announcements. Register here.
  • Arrest
  • Bail
  • Summary offences – Local/Magistrates Court procedure
  • Committals procedure
  • Indictable offences procedure
  • Sentencing
  • Appeals
  • Juvenile justice
  • Costs and ancillary orders
  • Assault


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