Practical Guidance Work Health & Safety

Practical Guidance Work Health and Safety is essential for legal practitioners and WHS/OHS officers dealing with matters under the harmonised Work Health and Safety law.

This module is a detailed resource about key WHS areas such as the work health and safety regime, discriminatory conduct, enforcement measures, offences, penalties and court proceedings.  It also contains helpful guides on working through common processes undertaken in WHS matters and links to the relevant cases and legislation.

Use Practical Guidance Work Health and Safety to navigate and apply the harmonised Work Health and Safety law in practice.

  • Task-oriented guidance supported by on-point cases, legislation, checklists, forms, precedents and links to trusted LexisNexis deeper research materials
  • Work Health & Safety Frequent Tasks Tool – common tasks in WHS matters tabulated with applicable guidance, precedents and checklists for easy retrieval
  • Work Health and Safety regime
  • Health and safety duties
  • Health and safety representation in the workplace
  • Health and safety consultation in the workplace
  • Incident notification
  • Discriminatory conduct
  • Workplace entry
  • Securing compliance
  • Enforcement measures
  • Offences, penalties and court proceedings
  • Model Codes of Practice