Practical Guidance Personal Injury Vic

Practical Guidance Personal Injury Vic is a how-to resource for practitioners dealing with personal injury matters in the Victorian jurisdiction.                        

This module is an essential guide to personal injury claims in Victoria, containing guidance on common considerations for all types of claims with specific guidance on areas such as motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries and medical negligence. It also includes a medical toolkit containing medical terms, abbreviations and diagrams.

With the support it provides, Practical Guidance Personal Injury Vic enables legal practitioners to efficiently advise on personal injury matters and develop expertise in unfamiliar areas of personal injury law in Victoria.

  • Task-oriented guidance supported by on-point cases, legislation, checklists, forms, precedents and links to trusted LexisNexis deeper research materials
  • Personal Injury Vic Frequent Tasks Tool – common tasks in Personal Injury Vic matters tabulated with applicable guidance, precedents and checklists for easy retrieval
  • Personal Injury Vic Glossary and medical abbreviations – to aid understanding of key terminology
  • Medical diagrams – visual aids of the human anatomy with descriptions for easy reference
  • General procedures and the Civil Procedure Act
  • The common law and the Wrongs Act
  • Transport accidents
  • Workplace injuries — workers compensation
  • Workplace injuries — common law claims
  • Medical negligence
  • Occupiers’ liability and public liability
  • Dependency claims
  • Claims for psychiatric injury
  • Dust disease claims
  • Civil aviation claims
  • Defective goods and services
  • Intentional torts
  • Institutional abuse claims
  • The National Redress Scheme
  • Total and permanent disability claims
  • Preparation of the claim
  • Medical information
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme
  • Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 (Cth) and Comcare

Maurice Blackburn

Maurice Blackburn