Human v Cloud 2017 Roadshow Report

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The legal sector is experiencing a technology-driven shake up of traditional roles,
disruption of service delivery, and a shift in the dynamic of legal professionals’
ways of working. This is creating both opportunities and challenges which need
to be identified and acted upon, so that the sector and the people that work
within it can prosper.

Based on the 2017 Australian Legal Professional Survey of 508 legal
practitioners, LexisNexis hosted panel discussions with industry thought leaders
across Australia to incorporate the views of law firms of varying sizes, corporate
legal departments, and academia on the changing legal profession.

Human v Cloud: 2017 LexisNexis Roadshow Report examines how legal
professionals are faring in a landscape dominated by technological disruption
and what impact this has had on ways of working. Constant connectedness may
be adding to mental health concerns of a potentially ailing profession. As people
struggle to find harmony in an era of tech buzz, where distinction of work hours
are blurring and clients are demanding certain efficiencies that only technology can
deliver, a new augmented relationship between human and machine is forming. This
Report looks at how this new symbiotic relationship between people and machines
is emerging as people find balance in a changing landscape with work-life integration and stronger need for purpose and passion.

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