Best Practice Debtor Management
with Lexis Affinity™ + FeeSynergy

Why FeeSynergy?

Cashflow is a leading inhibitor of growth & sustainability for firms, but effective debtor management is the answer, and nobody knows more about it than FeeSynergy - the leading and most respected provider of professional fee finance and integrated debtor management solutions in Australia. And now a principal Lexis Affinity partner.

What can FeeSynergy do for your practice?

FeeSynergy can increase your cashflow, reduce your debtors and automate your current processes, all while improving the service you provide.

Their monthly payment options, secure online payment gateway and comprehensive partner dashboard make life easy for both you and your clients.

Key Benefits

FeeSynergy is fully integrated with Lexis Affinity

FeeSynergy connects directly to your Lexis Affinity database, so all your historical data is available immediately and there is never any double keying of information.

Fee finance with monthly payment options

Get paid in full and on time while giving your clients the flexibility to pay in monthly instalments.  Firms that offer FeeSynergy’s monthly payment option achieve significant reduction in average debtor days.

Automated email payment reminders

Fully configured to your business rules, that prompt your clients to settle their account, reducing the amount of time you spend chasing payment.

Invoice presentment

Clients can view a copy of their invoice and statement with a single click 24/7, reducing the billing queries you receive.

Secure online payment gateway

A PCI compliant solution to efficiently facilitate payments via your website, giving your clients confidence.

Partner dashboard and analytics

Get an instant overview of your firms’ financial performance so you can see just how much your cashflow has improved.

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