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“Dye & Durham provides Australian legal, property and financial professionals with regulatory information, workflow technology, property settlement services and legal support solutions. We are a trusted technology and services partner for businesses involved in all stages of property and asset lifecycles. With a rich history of innovation and industry firsts, our customer-centric technology and support services are trusted by Australia’s leading professionals.”

Find out how LexisNexis Searches could help your busy lawyers manage their Property, Commercial and other caseloads more efficiently

"I need to know that everything 'just works'. I don't have time to keep checking that everything's in the right place"

Simply launch and go; order forms are pre-filled with information from your Affinity matter, avoiding the need to re-key information. Affinity has done the hard work for you so that you can spend more time on your clients, less time on admin.

"Our clients have limited budgets, so I need to ensure that the team know what searches cost before ordering them"

Price-transparency gives your team the confidence to fast-track search orders and monitor progress.

"I don't want to wait until next month to find out how much we're spending"

Our simple, weekly invoicing tracks spend by individual users within your firm, so you keep control over expenditure.

"My Property Team are really busy, they can't waste time constantly checking for updates"

Documents and charges automatically downloaded without you having to constantly check for updates.

"My Finance team are already over-worked. I need a solution that helps them as well"

All disbursements are automatically downloaded to file (and can be treated as anticipated disbursements, if you prefer).

Key Features

Price transparency

Search Results saved direct to matter automatically

Email Notifications

Disbursements auto-posted to matters

Anticipated Disbursements option

Track usage

Verification of Identity

Digital Signatures

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