A faster, more efficient way to manage payments

Seamless practice and finance workflow, with Macquarie and Lexis Affinity™

"We need to improve our cashflow"

By offering clients a range of convenient payment options, you can reduce debtor days. Being paid more quickly can reduce the cost of cash flow financing.

"We can't afford errors. Can you help reduce this risk?"

Automated receipting and reconciliation reduces the risk of keystroke error and the likelihood of internal fraud.

"Our clients want choice in how they pay - can you help get our bills paid on time?"

Clients can choose to pay through a number of convenient channels - including online and BPAY® for 24/7 payments, over the phone, by cash, cheque or EFTPOS at Australia Post, or by cheque via locked bag.

"How can I reduce the burden on my team? Our current system takes a lot of time and effort"

Significantly reduce the cost of chasing areas, tracing unknown payments, and holding and manually depositing cheques. Plus, you can choose to pass on the credit card fee to your clients through a surcharge.

"There has to be a better way to manage Controlled Monies!"

Manual receipting of interest and withholding tax for controlled monies accounts can take hours every month. Lexis Affinity's seamless integration with Macquarie completely automate this process.

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