Cloud Based File Management
with Lexis Affinity™ + Fileman

Why Fileman?

Storage and management of archive matter files can become a costly problem over time, but Fileman has the answer.  Fileman is an industry leading information management provider, specialising in the physical and digital storage, retrieval and destruction of matter files.

Their unique single fee per matter approach means you can even convert the cost of file management into a legitimate disbursement

What can Fileman do for your practice?

Fileman can improve both the productivity and profitability of your firm by taking the hassle and cost out of managing the physical and digital storage, retrieval and destruction of your files.

And because the cloud-based platform is seamlessly integrated with Lexis Affinity™ you always have convenient access to your matter archive files from within your matters.

Using Fileman via Lexis Affinity is easy!

Key Benefits

Seamless integration with Lexis Affinity

The Fileman platform connects directly to your Lexis Affinity database, automatically creating and syncing files for your matters as they are opened.

FREE file collection from your office

Completed matters are collected from your office for processing on a regular, scheduled basis.

Coversheet or full file scanning and cataloguing

Choose whether to scan the coversheet only, or full files to PDF.  Fields such as File Number, Box Reference and description, Matter Description and Client Names are all searchable.

Automatic disbursement posting

Disbursements are automatically created and posted against matters as they are opened, helping you recoup costs upfront.

Convenient access to your matter archive

Your archived files are only a click away, with access available directly within your matters.

Secure seven years storage

Files are securely stored for 7 years and then destroyed securely on authorisation.

FREE scan to PDF on retrieval

Removes the need for physical file return and allows faster access to full file content.

FREE document inserts

Easily add documents to an already archived file (up to 10 pages).

Visit Fileman for more information, or arrange a demonstration today.

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