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"I need my PEXA workspace to work with my matter, not separate from it"

Securely integrate PEXA into the daily work of the Affinity matter, by linking your PEXA workspace. Use Affinity to find unattached PEXA workspaces easily and respond to invitations to participate. Keep Settlement Dates & Documents in sync, for peace of mind on Settlement Day.

"We can't have delays on Settlement Day. Everything has to run smoothly."

Use Affinity's flexible workflow tools to ensure everything is ready on the day. Our integrated searches service downloads and posts any disbursements adn charges, and puts documents on file as well, keeping everything straight so you don't have to. Affinity's PEXA integration links your Affinity matter to the relevant PEXA workspace and downloads Settlement Documents automatically on completion.

"I need to keep my clients always up to date on what's happening, but don't want to charge them for lots of extra work"

Engage your Conveyancing clients through Affinity's secure Client Portal. Create roles for your clients and for local Real Estate Agents (as potential referrers of new business to your firm). Keep clients constantly up to date, without additional effort and constant emails.

"I have to undertake identity checks for all my clients - and know when they need to be renewed"

Use Affinity's integrated VOI services to verify client identity and information, with data and documents linked to the Affinity Phonebook to simplify the VOI process. Check status of each VOI (and it's due expiry date), either on a client-by-client basis, or as a centralised admin function for the whole firm.

"Getting clients signatures on paper is time-consuming and can delay the process"

Integrate GlobalX's new SignMe electronic document signing service to simplify and speed up Client authorisation and approvals. Store executed documents locally in Affinity's Document Management System, for easy future reference.

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