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Tired of switching between screens, websites and books to write your legal documents?

With the Lexis Create add-on for Microsoft Word, all your legal, technical and intelligence resources are in one place - your Word document. No more screen-switching, page turning or tab-opening. Open Word - and it’s all there.


Build Better Legal Documents

End to end - no matter what you are working on Lexis Create will help you Build, Check and Complete your Documents.

BUILD your documents from a library of resources - you’ll have instant access to LexisNexis research solutions within the Microsoft environment without the need to open a browser or separate platform.

CHECK for errors to eliminate risk - Legal review tools highlight any inconsistencies with the document for fast and easy cross-referencing and proofreading.

COMPLETE your documents quickly and accurately – Lexis Create securely redacts and anonymises your Word documents in lightning speed and syncs up with your company’s DocuSign account so that you can easily drop in a place for clients to click, sign - and they’re done!

Why use Lexis Create?

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Clause library

With Lexis create ‘Snippets’, you highlight the clause, and add it to your Snippet Library in a click. You can find your Snippet in seconds right in the next time you need it.

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Smarter Citations

Everyone makes mistakes – but you’ll make them much less often with our Citation Checker. It quickly identifies if you are relying on out-of-date case law and links to Lexis Advance to help you continue your research.

Embarrassing – and costly – errors avoided.

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Smarter Clauses

Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could do some of the donkey work for you?

Lexis Create does just that. Linking up with your LexisNexis subscription, it reads your Word doc and identifies relevant clauses and case law that could strengthen your contract or legal document.

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Work Collaboratively

Maximise your team’s bandwidth by delegating different parts of your legal document creation to team members to complete.

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Legal proofreading

Our Lexis Create proofreading tool looks for more than just broken cross-references (although it does that, too).

It will detect inconsistencies in definitions, numbering and formatting, while reviewing and refining your document for mistakes that could cost your client – and you – money.

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Everything you need in the Microsoft environment

Lexis Create is a single hub for drafting that enables you to work faster, smarter and with more confidence, without leaving the Microsoft environment.


Lexis Create is a foundational product in the Lexis Intelligence Suite – providing access to our content in your context. Our new technology driven solutions leverage AI and ML to drive efficiencies, reduce risk and deliver optimal client outcomes.

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