You have transactional work to do.
We have the intelligent tools to help you do it.

What if?

You could find relevant clause wording in moments?
Industry-leading content could fit seamlessly into your drafting workflow?
You could spot risks and decision points quickly and easily?

Your AI-powered drafting research tool

Drawing from industry-leading LexisNexis precedent content, Lexis Clause Intelligence is a recommendation engine that empowers users to draft quickly and confidently by delivering relevant clauses at point of need.

Lexis Clause Intelligence is available in both a lightweight, intuitive browser version accessible from Lexis Advance® and via Lexis® Create.

Why use Lexis Clause Intelligence?

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Tailor your document

Get ideas for clear, high-quality drafting - helping you to create documents that best respond to your clients' legal and commercial needs.

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Reduce risk

The Lexis Clause Intelligence recommendation algorithm maximises your exposure to relevant data, making it easier for you to be sure that you’ve covered off all risks.

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Research seamlessly

In Lexis Clause Intelligence on Lexis Create, suggested clauses are delivered directly in the Microsoft Word environment.

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Work faster

Spend less time formulating your own search queries and reviewing vast amounts of content to find the most relevant clauses and guidance.

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