In its third decade of publication, the Native Title Service centres on Native Title law in Australia boasting an esteemed author team. It is specifically designed to assist practitioners, government, mining, pastoral and First Nations organisations practising in the area of native title law. The service provides the annotated Native Title Act (Cth) plus Rules and Regulations, State and Territory legislation, and general commentary on Native title law and practice; as well as editors’ notes on determinations. Useful information for practitioners includes application forms, practice notes and flowcharts. Case-notes from Australian and foreign jurisdictions are also provided. Native Title News is included in the subscription price for the Native Title service, or can be purchased separately.

Authors & Experts

Authors and Experts

Native Title

23 February 2024 05:16

Other Titles

  • Native Title News
    Informative and topical, Native Title News provides a snapshot of developments in this volatile and rapidly evolving area of the law. Articles on recent decisions and legislative change from a cross-section of practitioners involved in native title cases are published, as well as commentary on recent decisions, current cases, National Native Title Tribunal decisions and other matters of interest.
  • First Nations Law Bulletin
    The First Nations Law Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter providing up-to-date information, analysis and commentary on First Nations legal issues in Australia and internationally. It is overseen by a panel of First Nations lawyers and legal experts and has a strong focus on ESG and corporate social responsibility. It covers a broad range of topics including Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property, employment law and discrimination, cultural heritage protection, Indigenous data sovereignty, inclusion and diversity in the legal profession, and class actions.