Make confident decisions with our range of Hong Kong based modules. All modules come with relevant tools such as checklists, templates and process flowcharts enabling you to streamline the management of compliance throughout your business.


  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption
    Businesses face significant penalties for noncompliance with the various anti-bribery laws. Significant commercial implications such as reputational damage and potential civil action from shareholders can also result. The Hong Kong Anti-Bribery and Corruption module outlines your organisation’s obligations and helps you reduce your regulatory risk.
  • Anti-Money Laundering
    Many organisations globally are faced with a multitude of money laundering and terrorism financing risks. The Hong Kong AML-CTF module offers practical guidance on the identification, mitigation and the management of their money laundering and terrorism financing risks.
  • Cybersecurity
    The Hong Kong Cybersecurity module draws on guidance from around the world to provide you with the latest obligations content that can help you meet your cybersecurity obligations.
  • Privacy & Data Protection
    Globally, privacy and data protection issues are top of mind for all businesses. The Hong Kong Privacy and Data Protection module, across our entire LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance International jurisdictions, guides your organisation through the complex compliance obligations surrounding the collection, management and maintenance of personal information.