01 January 2020 00:00 by Carmen Tang

The Hong Kong Cybersecurity module draws on guidance from around the world to provide you with the latest obligations content that can help you meet your cybersecurity obligations.

Module Scope:

Core Obligations

  • Overview
  • The Safety of Information System and Data Assets
  • Consistency in Security Risk Assessment and Audit
  • The Handling of Information Security Incidents
  • Guidelines on Public Wi-Fi Services
  • Privacy and Personal Data of Individuals
  • Access to and the Misuse of Computers in Cybersecurity
  • Theft in Cybersecurity
  • E-Commerce and Electronic Transactions

Legal Landscape

  • Telecommunications Ordinance (Cap. 106)
  • Crimes Ordinance (Cap. 200)
  • Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486)
  • Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Ordinance 2012
  • and 31 other compliance sources


  • Security Bureau – Office of the Government Chief Information Officer
  • Office of the Telecommunications Authority
  • The Hong Kong Police Force
  • Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau
  • Electronic Investigation Centre
  • and 10 other regulators