Purpose and Stewardship complimentary paper and checklist: Embedding ESG at all levels of the organisation

03 July 2023 14:30

In May 2023, LexisNexis® chaired a discussion at the Governance Institute of Australia's Government Risk Management Forum, with the University of Adelaide academic and ESG expert Dr Tracey Dodd; and Robyn Parkin, Head of Sustainability at Ethical Partners Funds Management. This discussion explored the factors that can help businesses move the needle on ESG.

This paper and checklist, "Purpose and Stewardship: Embedding ESG at all levels of the organisation", provides insights directly from the Government Risk Management Forum discussion. It provides thought starters on how to explore the practicalities of purpose and stewardship. It identifies what Boards and senior leaders need to do in order to centralise strategy, decentralise ownership, and cascade a robust ESG framework throughout their organisations.

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