ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Breaking the chains: Tracking modern slavery and in Australia

08 November 2023 13:30

The energy sector is key to Australia’s prosperity and is regulated accordingly. With a variety of laws, markets, rules and frameworks, operating across a variety of jurisdictions and overseen by a variety of regulators, understanding and achieving compliance in the sector can be a difficult task.

We’re excited to bring you our latest collaboration with our technology partner CGR: Unlocking the Power of Compliance in the Australian Energy Sector.

In this webinar, your hosts Michael Nelson and Leo Arouca will:

  • Explore the complexities of the State and Federal legislation
  • Dissect the challenges of operating across State lines
  • Show you how you can manage your existing obligations, while tracking and responding to regulatory change

With content for both wholesale and retail energy suppliers, supported by CGR’s capacity for automation and workflows, we’re looking forward to sharing how we can help you stay on your clear path to compliance.

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