Research Revolution

Reduce your search time and avoid sifting through results with intuitive pre- and post-search filters that help you target relevant documents precisely.

  • Easy navigation - Move seamlessly through content types, e.g. from cases, quickly. Just select a content link. No tabs to open or close!
  • Snapshot view - See the top relevant documents from all content types on one screen. Even print, download or share documents-across content types with the Snapshot view.
  • Filters - Customised to each content type and easy to apply. Just click a court filter, for example, and go! Even add more search words to refine your results.
  • Highlighted search terms - See highlighted search terms that help you focus in on critical documents and review results faster.
  • Sort search results - Re-sort documents returned a variety of ways, such as from highest to lowest court and from newest to oldest document.
  • Advanced Search Forms - Make the most of your research expertise and use the powerful Advanced Search Forms function to navigate straight to the most relevant results.

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