Australian Insurance Law (Annotated)

Practice Area: Insurance

Jurisdiction: Commonwealth

Description: This service provides a quick reference guide to the primary Commonwealth insurance legislation. It provides concise and accessible annotations of key Commonwealth insurance legislation for insurers, their legal and professional advisors and insurance intermediaries. It is also a 'go-to' publication which points the user in the right direction for further research such as case law and secondary source material. This looseleaf (formerly known as The Phillips Fox Annotated Insurance Law Statutes) was launched in 2005 in LexisNexis' easy-to-use binder and format with enhanced content, including coverage of medical malpractice insurance, aviation insurance, marine, terrorism insurance and expanded related materials.

General Information
Publication category Annual analytical subscription
Formats available Online, digital via Lexis Red, hardcopy looseleaf
Key content Annotated legislation and commentary, practice materials
Guidecards Current Issues
Insurance Contracts Act
Insurance Contracts Regulations
Insurance Act
General Insurance Prudential Standards
Insurance Regulations
Life Insurance Act
Marine Insurance Act
Aviation Insurance
Medical Malpractice Insurance
Terrorism Insurance Act
Terrorism Insurance Regulations
Codes of Practice
Practice Notes
Related Material
Repealed Legislation
Authors Andrew Tulloch
Ray Giblett
Toby Blyth
Additional Information
Related resources Kelly and Ball Principles of Insurance Law; Australian Insurance Law Bulletin.
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