Search Terms with Lexis+ and Lexis Advance

26 July 2023 15:00

With the rise of generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT, knowing that your legal information search is reliable and accurate is key, irrespective of whether you are using a conversational assistant as a means of retrieving that information or not. What is equally as important is that the search you use has been tuned to pick up the nuances of the legal language domain to ensure that the results you receive are relevant and that you are confident that you are not missing crucial insights. The quality of information and the underlying technology platform (e.g., AI-enabled search algorithms) both play a part in supporting you to find legal information confidently, efficiently, and simply.

LexisNexis® knows the importance of legal information searching. Our focus is to ensure that we provide you with highly relevant results that give you confidence that you aren’t missing anything irrespective of whether you are using natural language or Boolean search techniques. To achieve this, we offer powerful options to target your search and continually incorporate advances in technology to enhance your search experience and access the authoritative information that you need.