Australian Commercial Arbitration

Practice Area: Alternative Dispute Resolution

Jurisdiction: All Australian jurisdictions; International

Description: As recourse to arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution becomes an increasingly appealing option for clients, it is essential for lawyers, especially those practising in commercial litigation, to understand the legal framework underpinning arbitration in Australia. Australian Commercial Arbitration is a complete guide to the uniform Commercial Arbitration Acts, featuring detailed annotations and regularly updated analysis of the latest case law, both domestic and international. Subscribers are guided through the relevant legal principles, procedures and practical issues, through the expert lens of a team of eminent authorities on commercial arbitration. Comparative tables are used to help practitioners from any Australian jurisdiction fit their matter into the broader legal framework, providing clarity and expert direction on how to secure the best outcome for their client. Australian Commercial Arbitration is the ideal research companion to give lawyers the edge when navigating the field of commercial arbitration.

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Publication category Analytical subscription service – charged annually
Formats available Online, digital via Lexis Red
Key content Legislation, Annotated Legislation, Commentary
Authors Justice Clyde Croft; John Hockley; Kieran Hickie; William KQ Ho
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Author and Contributor Profiles   Justice Clyde Croft:
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