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When their search turned cold, one client turned to Capital Monitor to find an old Treasury quote.
Jane*, a corporate technology client, was working with her lobbyist to put together some marketing material. They wanted to use a quote from the Treasurer to support their objectives. There was only one problem – they're recollection was a bit vague. They couldn't remember the exact quote, they didn't know when he said it or where he said it!

Unfortunately, Jane's lobbyist didn't have the appropriate resources at his disposal to be able to find the information and a Google search hadn't elicited the results they needed – a lost opportunity for the lobbyist to add value for his client and reinforce his expert status.

Luckily, Jane's company had a LexisNexis Capital Monitor subscription. She contacted the Capital Monitor team, based in the Press Gallery at Parliament House. Within a few minutes, they came back to her with the exact quote she needed and the full transcript of the Treasurer's speech.
They managed to get their marketing material out on time and with maximum impact.
*name has been changed

Trust built. Confidence found

Capital Monitor

Kevin Jones harnessed Capital Monitor to add authority, topicality and thoroughness to his writing and professional advice.

Kevin Jones harnessed Capital Monitor to add authority, topicality and thoroughness to his writing and professional advice.
As an OHS consultant and freelance writer, Kevin needs to build trust and maintain his status as an expert in his field. He always needs to be up to date on what's going on in relation to his area of specialisation. He also is always looking for stories and information for his award-winning SafetyAtWorkBlog.

Kevin really likes to receive media statements, parliamentary reports and Hansard extracts in real time which provides him with a good overview of not just of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), but also of Human Resources and Industrial Relations as they relate to OH&S. Capital Monitor's services provide him with a professional confidence that he cannot get from many other media outlets.

This information is supplemented by a variety of weekly e-newsletters which provide collated data but also include court judgments, gazetted documents and other information sources that help to provide a complete picture of what's going on.

One of his colleagues said he was the only OHS person they knew who read Hansard. Capital Monitor has helped Kevin achieve a position of prominence in his field that would otherwise have not been possible in the same time and for the same cost.

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