Local Government Planning and Environment New South Wales

Local Government Planning and Environment New South Wales

This is a comprehensive, detailed and reliable guide to local government, planning and environment law in New South Wales.

Volumes A, B & B1 provide easy access to all principal components of planning and environment legislation in NSW along with selected environmental planning instruments and regulations. These volumes also include succinct and informative ‘Editorial Notes’ at section level for three of the primary Acts (Local Government Act 1993, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997), written by an expert practitioner in the field, with pinpoint references to relevant regulations and other useful material.

Volume C provides invaluable support for interpreting the legislation through expert guidance in the form of comprehensive, detailed and reliable commentary. Topic areas include: functions of local government, actionable rights and liabilities of councils, land use planning, development and building control and many more.

The new Volume D provides concise, specific and practical annotations written by expert practitioners in the areas of planning, environment and local government law and complements the more detailed, thematically structured commentary in Volume C. It  focuses on distilling the key principles of key cases, identifying related legislation, regulations and ancillary material and providing expert observations on the operation of the legislation.

Authors & Experts

  • Justice Brian Preston
  • Grant Christmas
  • Fenja Berglund
  • Jason Behrendt
  • Kathryn (Kathy) Ridge
  • Chris Norton
  • Ben Boer

Authors and Experts

Local Government Planning and Environment New South Wales

10 January 2022 15:07

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