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LawNow's jurisdictional coverage now includes all Australian states and territories in Australia.

Extended jurisdictional coverage

LawNow has expanded to include full text Tasmanian legislation including historical versions dating back to 1997, with an additional 8,000 pieces of legislation.

Express Search

One click seamlessly links you to cases, commentary, forms and precedents, journals, online books, legal news and more. Express Search will change the way you research.

Workflow - faster and accurate research

Save time by linking CaseBase (cases) to LawNow (legislation) and vice versa, and Halsbury's (commentary) to LawNow (legislation). View demos

LexisNexis is the only provider in Australia that allows researchers to explore cases and commentary from every piece of Australian legislation, with a click of a button. No extra searches are required.

Links to government websites

On LawNow, all our Acts have been linked to the relevant Act on government websites. You no longer need to navigate multiple sites to cross-check government material.

Legislative histories

All you need to know about the history of legislation including assents, gazettals and commencement information, with links to amending and repealing provisions.


See how LexisNexis integrates with other services such as CaseBase Case Citator, Halsbury’s Laws of Australia and more..

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