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LexisNexis Newsletters have a long history of providing insightful and timely content to subscribers. Time is important to practitioners. That’s why our articles are short, practical, informative and topical. Our expert authors and editors pore over the latest developments, current events, case law, legislation and amendments, and extract the practical legal implications for potential clients and the industry so our readers don’t have to.

Covering over 24 different topic areas, we have a newslettter that will keep you informed.

Australian Alternative Dispute Resolution Bulletin

Australian Superannuation Law Bulletin

Australian Banking and Finance Law Bulletin

Australian Tax Law Bulletin

Australian Civil Liability

Competition and Consumer Law News

Australian Construction Law Bulletin

Employment Law Bulletin

Australian Energy and Resources Law Bulletin

Financial Services Newsletter

Australian Environment Review

Inhouse Counsel

Australian Health Law Bulletin

Insolvency Law Bulletin

Australian Insurance Law Bulletin

Internet Law Bulletin

Australian Intellectual Property Law Bulletin

Local Government Reporter

Australian Media, Technology and Communication Law Bulletin

Privacy Law Bulletin

Australian Product Liability Reporter

Retirement and Estate Planning Bulletin

Australian Property Law Bulletin

Risk Management Today

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