Annotations to the ASX Listing Rules

Annotations to the ASX Listing Rules




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"ASX Limited (ASX) is the holder of an Australian market licence granted under the Corporations Act, which allows it to operate a market for certain financial products.

The ASX Listing Rules deal with listing on the market and the conduct of listed entities, including:

  • admission of entities to the official list of ASX
  • quotation of securities on the ASX market
  • suspension of securities and removal of entities from the official list
  • disclosure and reporting
  • other aspects of a listed entity’s conduct, including the issuing of securities, the holding of meetings, and the conduct of certain transactions

The ASX Listing Rules publication includes the Rules, their Appendices and Guidance Notes which assist listed entities to understand how certain Listing Rules operate.

Information will be relevant for: listed entities; prospective applicants for listing; law firms providing legal and compliance advice to listed entities and others in relation to the ASX market; others who advise listed entities; and others in relation to the ASX market, such as stockbrokers, financial advisers, investment banks, medium and large accounting firms".

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Authors and Experts

Annotations to the ASX Listing Rules

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