How Lexis+® helped barrister Bradley Dean think differently about his argument

11 July 2023 10:00

Any lawyer will tell you that knowledge is power. But being able to extract the knowledge you need from the vast amounts of information is a time-consuming, and sometimes difficult, journey.


Bradley Dean is a barrister at the New South Wales Bar. His work requires him to prepare detailed written submissions for advice and oral arguments in court - but that requires sifting through hundreds, even thousands of pages of cases, legislation, and documents. Bradley’s business relies on his ability to digest information, think strategically, and apply the law to the facts. “I’m passionate about delivering outcomes for my clients,” says Bradley. “My clients keep me motivated to always deliver the best possible results in a timely and cost-effective way.”


Like all barristers, Bradley spends a great deal of his time researching to build the best possible arguments and case strategies to deliver results for his clients. He had always been happy with the access he had to content through his previous research platform but found that the challenge of too much information was something he dealt with on a regular basis. “There were times I was presented with so much information,” he says, “that I found myself having to spend time sorting through search results, rather than using that time to build my arguments.”

Solution & Outcomes

Bradley tested Lexis+ and found more meaningful results and enjoyed the intuitive and streamlined user interface. “The experience of Lexis+ is excellent,” he says. “I was happy with the research platform I’d been using before - but now, I see there’s a better way to do it.”

Where he previously had to move between products to locate all the sources he needed, now it’s all housed within a single, integrated offering. “Lexis+ helps me find the answers I need quickly,” says Bradley.

Bradley found that Lexis+ reduces the visual clutter associated with research, ensuring that he sees what’s most relevant to him. It gave him the information he needed, when he needed it, in the way that made the most sense to him. “The user interface is simple and that saves me time,” says Bradley. “Now I can get to what I need quickly, which gives me more time to strategise and focus on the important details of my case, rather than sifting through too much information.”

In turn, this increased his confidence that he’s started at the right place, and that he’s got everything he needs to build the strongest arguments possible. “I know that when I get those search results, they’ll tell me almost, if not everything, that I need to know on that particular subject,” says Bradley.

But perhaps most importantly, Bradley discovered that by reducing visual clutter and enabling him to get to the heart of the matter faster, Lexis+ helped him to think differently about his argument. “Having that visual clarity stimulates my strategic thinking and my problem solving,” says Bradley. “It puts me onto new lines of thought that I hadn't previously considered, and I wouldn't have explored otherwise.”

For Bradley, the holistic view of legal matters, reduced visual clutter, and renewed focus he’s found with Lexis+ set it apart from any other research platform he’s used. “I trust Lexis+ to deliver me the information I need, when I need it, how I need it. It’s attractive, intuitive, and simple. With Lexis+, I’m confident that I’m seeing the results I need to see in order to properly advise my clients and act for them in their best interests.”


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