Ray Steinwall

Adjunct Professor, UNSW Law

Ray Steinwall is an Australian lawyer, author and academic.

Currently he is General Counsel of Novartis Australia and Adjunct Professor, UNSW Law. He is the Editor of the Competition and Consumer Law Journal and a member of the Competition and Consumer Committee of the Law Council of Australia.

His previous roles include membership of the Australian Competition Tribunal, the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council and several positions within the public and private sector including as an associate of a number of Australian law firms.

He has over 30 years’ experience providing legal and policy advice and training to governments and business on competition law, consumer protection, commercial law, contracts, pricing, and economic regulation.

He has also undertaken a number of reviews for governments including a review of statutory implied conditions and warranties and a review of statutory unconscionable conduct and the franchising code of conduct.

He has more than 25 years’ experience lecturing to undergraduate and postgraduate students on competition law, consumer law, commercial contracts, and company law at UNSW law and at other institutions in Australia and overseas.

He has published extensively in journals and in the media.

He has an interest in the development of law in the Asia/Pacific and has provided training and advice to regulatory agencies in the region.

His other areas of work include cultural diversity and public policy.


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  • Practice and Procedure of the High Court and Federal Court of Australia: Competition and Consumer Act (previously Trade Practices), LexisNexis Sydney 2022. First published 1991 and re-published annually
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Areas of expertise
Competition Law
Consumer Law
Contract Law
Commercial Law
Economic Regulation
Cultural Diversity
Academic Qualifications
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Laws
Masters of Law
Professional Organisation
Member, Competition and Consumer Committee, Law Council of Australia
Member, International Bar Association
Member, Lawasia
Member, Law Society of New South Wales
Previously member of the Australian Competition Tribunal
Previously member of the Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council