Paul Nichols


Paul Nichols was admitted in 1967 as a barrister and solicitor and joined the Perth Bar a little later. Upon joining the Bar, he became a law reporter (WAR). He was heavily engaged in litigation including appellate work and High Court work until 1993 when he was hospitalised for 10 months with a serious illness. He resumed practice after this until 2003 when the cumulative effect of injuries made it necessary to concentrate on writing rather than advocacy. He published several books and many articles including Police Offences of WA and (with FM Robinson) Russell’s History of the Law in WA. He was also foundation editor of the State Reports (WA).

Paul writes for the LexisNexis analytical work Civil Procedure Western Australia: Magistrates Court and has been an author for this publication since its relaunch in 2005. He also writes the Bankruptcy chapter of Practice and Procedure High Court and Federal Court of Australia.

Areas of expertise
Paul has been engaged in Administrative Law, Probate, Criminal Law, Equity, Industrial Law, Personal Injuries Law and Bankruptcy and has appeared in leading cases in all these jurisdictions and also in less usual jurisdictions such as Ecclesiastical Law.
Academic Qualifications
BA (Hons), LLM, MCRIM J (WA)
Year Admitted
Admitted as a barrister and solicitor in Western Australia in 1967. Paul has also been admitted to legal practice in New South Wales and South Australia.
Professional Organisation
Francis Burt Chambers
Professional Contact