Marianne Dunham

LLB (UTAS), GDLP (ANU), MSTC (Adel and UT)

The consistent theme in Marianne's career has been working in the area of innovation, whether dealing with commercialisation of science and technology from the earliest stages, or working on improvements and new approaches to established products, markets and businesses.

Some of this work is very challenging and Marianne has found that to be able to effectively play her part in supporting the teams of people working on these tasks, it is necessary to have a problem-solving and pragmatic approach and the legal language of contracts and advice needs to be clear and concise. This approach underpins the Science and Technology Commercialisation guidecard of LexisNexis's Intellectual Property Precedent,s and  the other precedents she has developed for LexisNexis, and has been borne from Marianne's experience during her career in innovation working firstly as Corporate Counsel at the Australian National University on the commercialisation of science and technology and subsequently working as a commercial lawyer for start-ups, small and larger businesses and Government and research institutions.

Marianne has enjoyed being able to assist people working in a diverse range of interesting science and technology fields to develop new products and services, markets and businesses.

Marianne is the author of "Science and Technology Commercialisation" commentary and precedents in LN's Intellectual Property Precedents looseleaf , as well as IP precedents used in Australian Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents, the "IP, IT, eCommerce and Media bundle" of Forms and Precedents Suites and Bundles and in the new LN Practical Guidance module for Intellectual Property.

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