Australian Journal of Labour Law

The Australian Journal of Labour Law is designed to be of service both to the academic community and to practitioners in labour law and labour relations. The Journal seeks to publish articles, notes and comments, and detailed commentaries upon recent cases and legislation in the field of labour law. The primary focus of the AJLL is upon Australian labour law, articles and other contributions on overseas developments are published where they are of wide general interest, or of relevance to the Australian situation.

This peer-reviewed journal publishes three issues a year and is available in hardcopy and online.

General Information
Editors Howe, J; Stewart, A; McCrystal, S
Subject AreaIndustrial & Employment Law
Updates3 issues per year; charged annually
Charging MethodPer Volume
Publication Year1988
UpdatesOnline; Updated as developments require
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year1988

The Australian Journal of Labour Law regularly features:


  • Articles
  • Book Reviews
  • Case Notes
  • Comments


Professor John Howe, Professor Andrew Stewart and Professor Shae McCrystal

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Australian Journal of Labour Law


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